the term dedication can unfold into a sea of individual and subjective meanings. a definition of the word dedication reads the quality of being dedicated to a task or purpose.

justin theroux's movie dedication(a grab from the film is above) in large, is a cute western exploration on the demise and deconstruction of the mental state. i claim cute, because it is a nice little love film. i posit exploration on the deconstruction of the brain because the main character is in and out lucidity. as an overworked children's book author, billy crudup's character is subject to the pressures of culture's demand on a man to produce work, be romantic, and maintain composure.

is a number in a long string of films/books/art that exposures manhood at its greatest flux in contemporary culture.

i believe that a principle held in such high regard, such as manhood, is constantly unstable. and its only normal and expected that art represents this upchuck. in an aesthetically pleasing way, of course.

all in all dedication is molasses sweet-like, provocative, and a topsy-turvy testament of our task for finding purpose.

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