what brings you here

i was asked what brings you here today while i rode with a delivery driver from my work.

i celebrated my birthday yesterday, so at no other time than now does this seem relevant as a question of conceptual pondering. right??

originally, this question was not proposed as a shell that needs to be broken into. this question did not appear as a cocoon waiting to be unraveled by intense thoughts. its just
small talk. but i see it as some spice for our tender brains.

i am everywhere i am meant to be. and it is intensely beautiful.

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Unknown said...

"i am everywhere i am meant to be." i love that! you're beautiful and i miss you so much!

good for you for starting a blog. make sure to keep it up... i love reading your thoughts. they always inspire me.

you'll have to take us to the cozy corner when we come visit.

i hope all is well with you and with your love. tell him we say hi from sunny asheville.