we all have archives: be it in pawed over photographs, rusty or shiny memories, tired shoes, or crumbled pieces of paper from another time.

above are some of my drawings from the past year, when i had a studio in the mountains.

i create art with layers. its like our skin. our organs and souls inside. sometimes we are very aware of our bodily layers. a lot of times, if everything is going smooth and complacent, the layers are ignored.

i do not believe in ignoring the layers of humanly existence. our muscles need to be worked. thaats why i dance. our souls need to be firm. thats why i meditate. our organs need to function properly. thats why i eat healthy and frequently. our brains need to stay tuned. thats why i read and listen.

layers help us to remember all that is seen is not all that is true. keep searching, keep being inquisitive, keep questioning. and liberate yourself in the process.

blessings and peace.

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