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news from the studio: a few of my little drawings are being displayed at my friend Gladys' boutique, Glad Eye. i am very thrilled for the oppurtunity. she is having an opening event this saturday, at 935 N. Damen(flyer at the bottom of this post).

i am currently working on a large(r) scale, with more details, and having fun with the simplicity of complex ideas. i can't wait to share more images soon. thank you to my friends for all the support and great feedback.

i am reading italo calvino's if on a winters night a traveler, once again. it is a stunning piece of literature, daedalian in its perspective, and entriguing with its textures of language.

i am listening to Jose Gonzalez's new album In Our Nature and Radiohead's child In Rainbows.

Gus Gavino has updated his website. check out all the beautiful and innovative new work. his art uses the digital medium to awaken and reward the grey makeup of our brains.

the rest is up and up. all positive, all hopeful. namaste and stay healthy!

flyer design by Gus Gavino

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