Access calm with art


Creativity has been proven to relieve stress and make an impact in an ever chaotic world.

I invite you to be in touch with your creativity, in however it shows up for you today.

Studio diaries.

In my open weekly studio diaries I guide you to start where you are with your art making.

You’ll learn techniques for art making + managing chaotic feelings during such turbulent times.

This is a weekly series you can find in my instagram community or the archives via my newsletter.

Make it yours.

Join a global community of collectors of my original art by purchasing a piece for your home.

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Learn creativity.

In this accessible and easy to accomplish course, you learn how to find calm in your creative practice.

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Read the archives.

I’ve written over 215 blogs about the creative process and all the ways it shows up in our life.

Looking for more? Check out my consulting work.

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