Creative Cycles Course

Let yourself off the hook.

For artists, mamas, and nurtures

Truth: you’re not meant to be creative all the time.

Yet, when you do feel the creative urge you’re bogged down with details or uncertainty.

Sound familiar? Yeah, for me too, mama.

I created this 3 part course to help you:

Cure life + creativity burnout

Let yourself off the hook with your projects

Trust the phase of life you’re in.

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Tools you will gain from this course:

A system for logging and tracking your creativity and overall mood

Learn how the moon + the seasons apply to your projects

Practical information on how to make art based on your life phase.

Expected results:

A sense of calm with the unknown

More energy to do what you truly want to do

Confidence that you are using your voice and soul calling to create, every day.

You’ll have lifetime access to the materials and any updates.

Join course here and get immediate access!

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