Embracing visibility as a highly sensitive person

How to show up as a leader in a world that overwhelms you.

Elaine Aaron, pioneer of highly sensitive person studies and research, has on her books the

byline: how to show up when the world overwhelms you.

To step into visibility or a leadership position in your life very quickly can overwhelm you, especially if you identify yourself as a highly sensitive person.

I should know, it does for me– often to the point where I’d rather stay hidden, even though my soul tells me to be seen by others with the work I do.

I created this video specifically for you if you want keep building your world and business, but may not know how to do so authentically as a HSP.

In this video (15 mins), I’m going to lay out a few ways you can be seen by the world, to share your gifts as you are.

Here are the points discussed in the video:

You are a gift

You don’t need to change who you are to show up and lead.

Throw out mainstream advice

Most courses and advice on how to be a leader in todays culture aren’t written by a HSP, so why do we keep listening to them?

People to people is your golden key

You will always return back to your truth when you speak to one person.

Get quiet and prioritize rest

Burnout for HSP is more common than you may realize.

Ask yourself: does this work for me?

This question comes from Tom Fanklestein, author of the highly sensitive man.

If the way that you’ve been doing things doesn’t work for you, that’s ok. There’s always a chance to pause and re-examine how you’re doing things.

In the end, rememember: you’re a gift.

You can flourish as a leader and a HSP.

May this guide help you to remember:

you have everything you need in this moment, for this moment, inside of you.

Leading, gently, with you:


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