Free Gift


Thank you.

You’ve got so much coming into your senses right now, the fact that you’re here makes me want to BOW to you.

So, I’ve got a free gift for you as a thank you for choosing to spend your time with me.

Pick your medicine:

A video/audio lesson on the muse, failure, and speaking your truth. This 5 minute video gets to the point AND will definitely change how you look at failure. Guaranteed.

A behind the scenes look at how I make art and process emotions. This is a 20 minute lesson, and will teach you a few tools on using your body to get past confusion and fear.

I adore you. Again, thank you for being here.

Oh, and if you’re like…Rose, I already have these gifts. Contact me here and I’ll find another goodie for you. I’ve got plenty for you.

Embracing you,

rose candelarose

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