Independent Research

Carefully crafted research for writers, speakers, or content creators that need the power of research to declare their point.

I individually offer my services as an independent researcher in the following ways:

  • Creating an annotated bibliography (where I read and comb through resources and summarize them) on your specific area of interest
  • Culminating articles for you to read and cite as you do your writing
  • Managing and linking the subject you’re interested in to other topics

Areas of experience and expertise:

  • looking at why people create art throughout history
  • helping people find the missing link to tie their writings and thoughts together
  • human behavior, evolution, and why we do the things we do
  • ancestry and historical perspective on family lineage.

More about me:

I’m a trained art historian. That basically means I’m a sorceress at uncovering layers of information through databases, libraries, and non traditional resources.

I’ve worked for foundations and individuals to help them use researched information to make their point.

I’m a member of the National Genealogical Society and volunteer with the National Archives as a citizen archivist.

I work from my desk and various institutions in the Western NC region (when they open back up!).

A super important note about what I won’t do:

I won’t do medical research or research to prove a stance on a health related topic.

I won’t write for you (but I do know some excellent ghostwriters).

I won’t support research for anyone or any institution that is racist, bigoted, xenophobic, misogynistic, homophobic, transphobic or in any other way not a good human (or company).

Please contact me for project availability, rates, and whether we’re a good match for your research project by sending me an email here.

With carefully crafted research waiting for you —

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