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Hi beautiful one –

I don’t take it lightly that you want to connect more. In a world where we’re drowning in information, I want what I offer you to feel like a sanctuary.

I invite all my email subscribers to write to me, so please join my list if you want to have a conversation.

If you’re looking to reclaim your creativity, and find out what that means for you, please check out my online course Learn Creativity: a woman’s guide to self acceptance through the creative seasons.

If you’re seeking mentorship, if you feel like you need one-on-one support and guidance, please check out my healing art sessions — I’ve got limited availability for this offering every 3 months (now enrolling for 2020!)

Last but not least, check out my online shop for original art! I keep most of my prices reasonable, and I have life long relationships with my customers.

Embracing you –

R o s e

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