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I create. Why do I create? I am driven by beauty, by the Divine, by love.

I share my drawings and art with everyone for the sake of beauty. Not only do I believe that finding beauty in your life can change the world, I believe that it can change you.

I create art to transform your minute into a moment.

If you are looking for a custom piece, contact me by clicking here. I love creating specifically with a vision in mind for my beloved clients. Here is a selection from my portfolio that I want to share with you today. Check my shop for what’s available for you to own today.

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Short Art Bio:

Rose Candela is self taught Artist, whose passion is abstract and meditative drawing on reclaimed surfaces, like wood or ceramics. She is inspired by visual patterns, the human spirit, and a deep love for Art History.

Referencing her own belief in beauty and living a healthy, whole life, Rose creates from a place of respect to the power of Art and beauty in every day life. She invites her audience to find personal meaning and an intimate connection to the present moment in her artwork. Rose lives and makes in West Asheville, NC.

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