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Are you a creative entrepreneur that has lost steam or faith in your business plan?

Do you want to take a new leap in your creative business but don’t know where to begin?

Do you struggle with organizing your creative thoughts and plans for your business?

If you answered yes to one or all of the questions above, it sounds like your business needs a b.f.f. (best friend forever) that will believe, trust, and guide it’s next steps to insure growth and joy in your business.

Let me be your creative entrepreneur b.f.f. 

What this month long program looks and feels like:

  • Holding you accountable to your business dreams
  • Teaching you to organize your thoughts + plans for your business
  • Helping you decide what next steps are the smartest for your growing business
  • Guiding you to curate your information to reach your tribe (intended audience)

The creative entrepreneur b.f.f. program is a sister school of my mentorship program, with direction and emphasis on your creative entrepreneur dreams.

The nitty gritty details:

This is a month long program. The month begins on whatever day we sign our contract to work together.

Here is what our time together will look like week by week:

Week 1: Friendship bracelet exchange

Initial phone or video conference call discussing your business goals, dreams, and where you are at right now. I follow up with you and send you a plan of action for you. I may send your business a friendship bracelet, too, to honor our b.f.f. status.

An example of what goes on this first week: maybe you are at the baby stages of starting your business; your follow up would include creative brainstorming activities to get you clear on your direction of business. Or you may be established in your business and are ready to launch a new product; your follow up would include accountability steps to follow through with in your new product launch.

Week 2: Community organization

Follow up exchange via email that includes exercises on finding your community–or your desired audience that you want to reach with your business. Through writing about your community, you will gain grounding on your words and thoughts for your website, your marketing materials, and your business plan. I will send you a follow up after this exchange with feedback on your next steps for implementing your tribe organization.

Week 3: Let’s do this

Our second phone conference takes place in week 3; the week we take our b.f.f. status to the next level. Here we really examine what you need to do to take action on your creative entrepreneur dreams. Topics we may discuss include: editing the copy on your website, deciding what is your business plan (how your business makes money), how to keep your thoughts and goals organized (check out my years of experience in organization here). I will send you a summary of what you MUST do to take the next steps you desire in your business.

Week 4: Signing the yearbook 

Our last meet up for the month. Don’t worry, you can always continue to another month with your b.f.f.

This session will be the most coachy-coach type meeting yet, where I remind you of your greatness, your courage, your creative entrepreneur potential AND I will remind you of your business plan and goals that we discussed in the previous weeks. I will send you final follow up document for you summarizing your next steps for the small and big picture of your business.

BONUS session: Follow up email will be sent to you 2 weeks after our last meeting to check in.

I will make sure you email me back to find out how your business is going. That’s what a b.f.f. does, right?

What you take away from our time together:

  1. 3 hours of one-on-one mentoring time
  2. PDF booklet of activities to get you started on your next step in business goals
  3. Fillable written exercise for you to get clear on your desired audience
  4. Feedback on how to write for your desired audience (tribe organization)
  5. PDF on topics like: creating a business plan, getting organized, and how to use copy for tribe on website
  6. PDF of actionable steps for 4 weeks after our last session
  7. Access (within respectable limits, please) to email me with your questions during our month together
  8. A plethora of resources that I have accumulated over my decade of being an creative entrepreneur b.f.f..
  9. The courage and feeling of confidence to play big with your next business dreams

With this commitment to a program you value, because you value your business like your b.f.f. you will feel rejuvenated in your business plan and next steps; this I believe.

Sign up for your creative entrepreneur b.f.f. by clicking here.

What are you waiting for? (If you have an answer to that question, send me a note here).


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