Wild Muse Creativity

Have you ever wondered what inspires you to create?

Have you ever been to an Art Museum and wanted to know more about the context of what you are gazing upon?

Do you love to learn and want to explore more creative learning in your life?


The Wild Muse online course is a 7 week journey into your creative self. Taught by me, Rose Candela Moore, I will give weekly lessons in creativity through the portrayal of the feminine form throughout Art History. You will be prompted to think about your own creative impulses and given tools to access your own creativity with each lesson!

This class will ask questions of why Artist’s create, and why the human figure is such an intriguing topic to gaze upon, and what makes us all create. I will discuss how the great Artist’s of history inspire different emotional and intellectual responses in our bodies.

What you will gain from this course:

  • A new breath of inspiration for your creative activities

  • Knowledge about over 100 different Art pieces throughout history

  • Vital understanding of your own inspirations

How this online course works:

Mark your calendars: the course starts Thursday October 23rd. Each week on Thursday after the 23rd, I will send you an online video lecture that will last about 45 minutes to an hour. From there, you will take the time to study and reflect on the Wild Muse information, and you will have access to watch the video all week long. Plus, you will receive a downloadable practice sheet each week to work out your own creative ideas!

Each lecture is filled with themed creative imagery, fun information of the muse, as well as with engaging prompts for you to theme your thoughts of creativity around each week.

I am offering a crazy special early-bird deal on this course, at $77 for the seven week course. If you register between now and October 15, the course is $77.After October 15, the price of the course goes to $97.

I sincerely invite you to invest, in what breaks down to $11 dollars a week, to gain new creative inspiration, straight to your email-box!

Reserve your spot today by clicking here and paying now!

An example of content you will receive:

Theme for week: What does the oldest Art known to man have to tell us about the muse and about ourselves?

Muses of the Ancient: Looking at muse imagery surrounding the earliest time period documents, images that containing mystery with an emphasis paintings and sculptures of religious and spiritual tradition. Learn how anonymous imagery, like the Mummy portrait painting below, has shaped the way Artists create through the ages.

Self-Reflective Prompts: What are images of the female figure that you have had in your life since childhood, perhaps in your home or in your school? How does it feel to look at these images today?

Mummy portrait of a young woman, about 100 AD, unknown painter.
from the Roman Egypt period, now owned by the Royal Ontario Museum
image via Google Cultural Institute

Indulge your creative curiosity with this small investment, today. Click here to register for your spot in the Wild Muse online class!

Once you sign up I will send you a confirmation email within 24 hours, Monday-Saturday. 

After class starts on October 23rd, you can enroll at any time, and the lesson will be sent to you the first Thursday after your enrollment.


Do you have questions? Email me here and I’ll get back to you soon~~~

Thanks for taking the Wild Muse journey with me as your guide.



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