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Pay what you can coaching has SOLD OUT. Stay up to date by joining my newsletter to make sure you get notified on the next opportunity to work with me!

Here’s what is up, dear one.

I am taking maternity leave soon. In celebration of that new chapter of my life PLUS being in business for 2 full years, I am offering my coaching on a sliding scale to you.

My coaching is right for you if you are:

going through a life change (career, pregnancy + motherhood, relationship beginning or ending)

feeling creatively blocked and need new tools to get through the block

in a general lack luster stage of your life and need more energy brought to your daily routines

and you need:

support/help/careful consideration

an objective ear to listen to you

a witness to your life and life changes

creative tools to guide you to loving where you are, not matter what

My coaching is not right for you if:

you want someone to tell you exactly what to do

if you need an oracle to determine the outcome of your life

need to be told you are right or wrong in your decisions

OK… now the fun details!

This is an offering on a sliding scale. My usual rate for 45 minute sessions are $85…but for you I am giving you the option to pay $35-85.

Click on the drop down menu to select a price you can pay and click the big circle button to check out! 

Amount you can pay

Once you purchase a session with me, I will contact you within 24 hours of your purchase to send you an introduction and set up our time for a chat. All sessions must be redeemed before March 15.

Our session will last 45 minutes.

There are no refunds on this purchase once we schedule our time together. Why is that? Because I know you will get a lot of clarity and insight from our session together. This is a really great deal for she who is dedicated to giving herself time to unlock the answers.

That’s all!

Oh, and there’s a limited quantity to this offer, so act now before the pay what you can option sells out!

Are you ready to purchase your creativity coaching session? Click here:

Pay what you can coaching has SOLD OUT. Stay up to date by joining my newsletter to make sure you get notified on the next opportunity to work with me!

Here’s what others like you are saying:

“Rose’s coaching is AWESOME! She is at times, intuitively encouraging, supportive and gives you the extra push you need to get your goals accomplished. I am impressed with her follow up, keeping our progress and notes organized. I have seen a significant improvement in my organization and accomplishment of the right goals!” ~Lisa Zahiya

“Rose asked all of the right questions and gave gentle guidance and encouragement during my 2-month mentorship. She helped me to find my own answers to my questions about how to find more purpose and meaning with my career. Throughout the mentorship,  I felt genuinely cared for and supported by Rose. I am now feeling more clear and confident in my ability to find my own path as I build my creative career and art business. ” ~Colleen Gaynor

“I had the opportunity to have a session with Rose at a very auspicious time in my life. I was at a crossroads with my small business and I needed a reminder of what I was capable of. Rose has the ability to help you see things that you know you know but sometimes you bury. She reminds you of how creative you really are!”~ Pam Foushee


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