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Let me support you as your mentor.

For over 10 years, I have served as a support person for creative individuals. I have worked with creative thinkers in Advertising and Design industries, as well as in the contemporary arts to achieve their goals and dreams. As a birth coach and doula, I have help space for numerous women as they create a new life for themselves.

As a mentor, I believe in everything you can achieve creatively. Truly, absolutely, and with my full soul: I believe in you. 


Mentorship is right for you if you are:

1. A creative being (which in my definition, we all are…) that deeply wants to cultivate her strength and creative powers more easily

2. Need help getting through a tough question or phase in your life, and need support

3. Desire more time to for self-care in your life

4. About to start up a creative business, and want to find balance in your work and your business model

I help my clients get deep into their core creative intentions and wishes, and give them real life accountability toward their goals.

How I approach being your mentor

My coaching style is all about being supportive and encouraging to you. I believe that you have all the answers inside of you. Through our coaching I will help those wise answers find a way to come to you.

I am an advocate for you to shine and be the best you that you can be. I don’t have an agenda, instead I serve as a  steady reminder to you of your unique and beautiful life path.

I invite you to use your imagination creatively to see yourself in a flow with creative energy during our sessions. This creative imagination is super helpful during life changes, like becoming a mother or in starting a new business.

I blend my training and experience as a birth Doula to nurture the birth of your greatest self, as an Artist & organizer to give you attainable and fun creative activities, and my studies in the esoteric arts (yoga, the chakra systems, goddess study) to intuitively understand your unique personal creative energy system.

I will hold and encourage you as you birth yourself into a new creative phase of your life.

If you are looking for personal coaching, I invite you to think of one burning question inside that has to do with your creativity. Write to me by clicking here and I’ll send you information on the nitty gritty details, plus an intake questionnaire that will be the foundation for our first telephone call.

Wonder if creativity coaching is right for you? Check out what my clients are saying.

Are you ready for me to be your creativity coach as you birth your creative dreams into reality?

Click here to find the options that work for you.

If you have questions, please send me a note via the contact form below:


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