Will you share this to help women have a healthy & vibrant pregnancy?

A few years ago, my life shifted in an instant. I felt this throughout my entire body and spirit, and I knew that I would be forever changed.

This shift was created when I witnessed a birth for the first time in my adult life.

After that moment, I knew I had to be of service the the magic that is this rite of passage in a woman’s life.

I became a birth Doula in 2012, with my mission in mind to bring a sense of peace and wholeness to a woman as she enters into motherhood.

Yet, during this time, I noticed a serious need that was going undiscussed.

I noticed that women desire guidance in the years before becoming pregnant, especially during the planning stages of starting a family.

I know all about this stage because I am right in the midst of this sacred time, too: not pregnant, but planning to in the next 5 years or so. It is a beautiful time that is filled with it’s own possibilities, presence, and mindful being.

Today, I am writing to ask you to help me spread the word about a new training I am offering to women approaching pregnancy.

I passionately wrote this 10 step mentoring program last year, and am just starting to recognize that I can’t keep the program a secret anymore.

Dear Reader, will you share this link about my mentoring program?

Share it with whomever you can think of that is in this life-changing stage in her life.

Share it with a deep respect to the choice of becoming a mother.

Share it with yourself, your sisters, your neighbors, your colleagues…this is for us.

This program can be done online and over the telephone. I am even working internationally–so there is no restriction on place or time with whom I can serve our community of women.

Every woman deserves this support for a healthy and vibrant journey to motherhood.

Thank you for helping other women know about this service I offer to guide their deepest desires and needs before becoming a Mom.

I appreciate you taking the time to read this today. I appreciate you helping me share the word. I appreciate you deeply, dear one!

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Here is that link again: Pre-Pregnancy Coaching.

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