6258518135891 years of quarantine

One of my favorite things about this quarantine, if I may, is how people keep writing things like:

Today is the 137414518 day of quarantine.

Time is relative, right? We all know about this ancient yet o-so-modern idea.

And there’s no greater experience of this relative time than, well, now.

One thing I know now, like deep in my bones, is this long and drawn out feeling of time during quarantine. And, yet, I feel that the 24 hour cycle of the day goes swiftly.

When I go into a space of what if or when will…I get really stuck and often riddled with anxiety.

In my group, Time Keeper Collective, we discuss relative time, the expansion of time, and also examine when time feels restricted.

The data that I’ve gathered from that group is this:

time feels most restrictive when we analyze it.

Dear one, I hope that whatever you’re experiencing today, that you feel like you own this moment. It’s yours. It was given to you with the complete trust that you’ll be able to make the most of it.

And so you will.

A big embrace,

R o s e

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6258518135891 years of quarantine

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