What if you loved your body?

I see a direct link between self-care and creativity. I believe the two don’t exist without one another. I hope you find some wisdom and love for yourself in each word.

Today, what if you loved your body?

What if you really, truly, unconditionally loved this vessel that houses your creative spirit?

Would your world change completely if you loved your body? I dare to say yes. 

I am a person who loves my body ~ most of the time. There are moments where I get angry or feel disconnected to my body due to different circumstances. Take, for instance, when I am sick. I tend to be hard on myself for getting sick or not feeling”normal”. So, not only do I feel bad from a virus, I also feel bad because I don’t let myself feel awesome and grateful in my body. It’s a cycle that only I can break, and I recognize it in my life.

I see that not loving all the things my body is and can do keeps me from living in my creative power.

It keeps me from receiving, and from healing, and from being present.

Here are 3 very common ways that we often mis-love our body:

1. Comparison.

It’s pretty challenging to not be affected by comparison. We live in such a world where information and imagery about the right way to be is everywhere. Either by comparing your body to a celebrity, or the girl next to you in yoga class, the comparison emotion is real. It is an emotion that can grip you in many areas of your life, and it can bully you around. Body comparison is unlike any other type of comparison.

Body comparison is different than, say, a comparison to a friend who makes more money than you. Money is pretty static, meaning that it’s not unique from person to person. Money is money. But you. Dear beautiful creation of this world, you are unique. There truly isn’t anyone else like you (even if you are a twin!). There may be silly things like BMI or ideal weight that your Dr. talks to you about. But there is no other body is metabolizes and lives in the way you do. Your body is always seeking to be in harmony and love with you.

You are here for a purpose.

Your body carries you and knows you. Your body is the only one you will have. It will shift and change, but that skin that you feel: yours. That image you see in reflections: yours. You are meant to be here, to be the one and only you. Release the grips of comparison. Ask yourself what the comparison is telling you that you want in your life. More often than not, it’s confidence. You are the only one that is responsible for these things. Be fierce with your ability to love your body.

2. Thinking something is wrong with you.

There is nothing wrong with you. There, I said it. Your being here is not a mistake. Yes, you may have a disease, an impairment, or something else that you need to adapt to every day. But, to say that is a thing wrong with you means that someone out there has it all right. My love, no one has it right. There is not one person in this great world that has everything right with them.

To be imperfect is to be human, so I am glad you are here and imperfect, beauty.

Your life is exceptional. Stop wasting your precious energy to figure out what is wrong with you and trust. Trust yourself. Trust your life’s unfolding. Trust your body to do the right thing. Learn to listen to your inner being more and more.

Radically accept that where you are is exactly where you are meant to be.

3. Conditional love.  

Conditional love for your body looks like this: being okay with how you appear only when you have make-up on. Or, you feel good about your body on the days where you eat a certain way or work out a certain amount of time. Or, you feel happy with who you are only after you get praise and approval for how you look on the outside. Does any of this seem true to you?

Phew, this one is tough. I see the way of conditional body love a lot in my sisters. I see it in myself. I see it unknowingly passed down through generations of women.

What if you believed that you can love who you are without limitations?

One of my favorite exercises that comes from the great Louise Hay is to look at yourself in the mirror, every day, and say out loud: I love you.  Sometimes it’s the most simple of things that bring the most results. This activity is real, and I am living proof that it changes you. Do this activity every day and you will see your sense of body love shift.

In the end, I believe the key to loving your body is acceptance. Acceptance of all that you are. You are who you are. This is your only time to experience you.

Take ownership and try to free yourself from the bonds that weigh your precious soul down.

Acceptance is the first step to love, anyway. It may seem like a big leap from feeling frustrated with your body to getting to a big ol’ love fest. That makes sense. No one person really operates like a light switch, anyway.

Invite in acceptance to your life.

Oh joyous + delicious acceptance: you are the the nectar of body love.

All you need to do is take a deep breath and believe in where you are, where your body is, and soften your soul.

Are you ready?



What if you loved your body?

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