Creative Coaching

Creative centered life coaching with me is an intimate experience where you and I work together to uncover your greatest creative energy.

I give you practical advice on using your creativity to provide extra soul nourishment for you, every day. 

The session will take place for one hour via the telephone or Skype.

My philosophy: I believe that we are all creative beings, and that creativity is life energy. I don’t attach creativity as something found in the creative arts, instead I define creativity as life force and purpose. What I believe is that to find purpose and meaning and beauty in your every day life is the ultimate creative act.

How I approach and give coaching

My coaching style is all about being supportive and encouraging to you. I believe that you have all the answers inside of you. Through our creative coaching I will help those wise answers find a way to come to you.

I am an advocate for you to shine and be the best you that you can be. I don’t have an agenda, instead I serve as a  steady reminder to you of your unique and beautiful life path.

I invite you to use your imagination creatively to see yourself in a flow with creative energy during our sessions. This creative imagination is super helpful during life changes, like becoming a mother or in starting a new business.

I will hold and encourage you as you birth yourself into a new creative phase of your life.

After you purchase a session, I will send you an email. We will arrange a time to talk. Then, I will send you a short intake type form. Take your time filling this out, and send it back to me via email within 24 hours of our scheduled session.

Then, you and I will meet up over the phone and Skype at our scheduled time. For the first session, I will be referencing much of what I prompted from you in the intake form. The session will last one hour.

After our hour session is finished, and we hang up the call, I meditate (often I will take a walk!) and think of what we discussed. In a sense, I let your guides and my guides chat and then come through me with some thoughts and answers to your needs.

Lastly, within a day of our session, I will send you a prescription type form, reflecting on our conversation and also prompting you with activities to accomplish in support of getting your creative energy flowing. This personal creativity prescription includes a muse/goddess icon for you to focus on as your inspiration, and I will suggest essential oils or a blend to surround yourself with to balance your creative energy.

I can’t wait to get started on our creative life coaching session together. Click this link to see what other women are saying about my coaching work. 

If you have any questions, hesitations, or special requests for our creative coaching session, please click this link to shoot me an email. 

 Check out my special happening during the month of April-May.  RSVP a time with me today, because now is the time to take your creative essence and own it. What are you waiting for?

I am excited to see you birth your creative dreams!



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