Sweet words from those I have served to help bring their most creative selves forth:

“Rose asked all of the right questions and gave gentle guidance and encouragement during my 2-month mentorship. She helped me to find my own answers to my questions about how to find more purpose and meaning with my career. Throughout the mentorship,  I felt genuinely cared for and supported by Rose. I am now feeling more clear and confident in my ability to find my own path as I build my creative career and art business. ” ~ Colleen Gaynor

“Rose’s coaching is AWESOME! She is at times, intuitively encouraging, supportive and gives you the extra push you need to get your goals accomplished. I am impressed with her follow up, keeping our progress and notes organized. I have seen a significant improvement in my organization and accomplishment of the right goals!” ~ Lisa Zahiya

“My heart sang the times Rose led our gatherings. Rose created a safe, loving,  and sacred space for us to gather. I’ve been profoundly touched by her wisdom and insights.  I’ve felt supported and heard by Rose. She is a gift.” ~ Nancy Bell

“I had the opportunity to have a session with Rose at a very auspicious time in my life. I was at a crossroads with my small business and I needed a reminder of what I was capable of. Rose has the ability to help you see things that you know you know but sometimes you bury. She reminds you of how creative you really are!”~ Pam Foushee, yoga studio owner

“I had a great deal of anxiety before giving birth. I feared the unknown and questioned if I was strong enough to survive the pain of labor. When I met Rose I noticed instantly that she has a very calming and reassuring presence about her. During labor, she was amazing! She knew how to ease my pain by changing positions, holding my hand, providing a cold rag to my forehead, etc. When I became overwhelmed and frustrated, she spoke to me in a calm, reassuring and direct manner, so that I understood exactly what I needed to do to help the situation. She also did a wonderful job managing people coming in and out of the room, so that my husband and I had the space we needed to focus on relaxing and conserving energy. I am so thankful that I had Rose as my Doula, she was available to answer questions before, during and after child birth. During the entire process, I felt like I had a caring and knowledge friend that I could rely on to help me, my husband, and my family through the incredible experience of child birth. I could not have done it without her. When we have our second child, I hope she will be by my side again.” ~Emily Coghlan, mama to Ronan

rose candela

“In the weeks I spent talking with Rose, I became more aware and comfortable with the idea of pregnancy and motherhood.  We would sit together, sip tea and have easy discussion about my life, goals, habits, and dreams.  Some days we would move together, walking or dancing, other days we would stay in and delve into imagination and creativity.  Rose helped me to reveal my deepest layers of personal connection and trust with myself so that I became more confident and clear about my future desires of being a mother.  Now I’m pregnant and prepared (in some ways) for the path ahead…more beauty, love and creation!” ~ Allison H.M. Welder, yoga instructor

“My time with Rose can be summed up in two words: clarity and balance. I was feeling lost creatively before I worked with Rose and she helped me to clarify exactly what I wanted and gave me direction on how I might achieve my desires. She also helped me to see that how different areas of my life weren’t actually separate – if I’m stressed by my work, or if my health is suffering then of course my creative endeavors will also be impacted. If I am to truly thrive in all areas of my life, then a delicate balance has to be found.
I felt incredibly supported by Rose. Her approach is gentle and encouraging.” ~ Brandi Hand, writer

Rose’s creativity coaching has helped nourish me in all aspects of my life, from my work as an artist to the artistry of my life. She gave me a perfect prescription for all of my senses. In short, she has helped me elevate and thrive.

While I am an artist (musician!), I realized after talking with Rose that I didn’t feel creative. I was blocked, but didn’t notice that I had, over time, lost the joy of expression and creativity in my life. I was waking up by checking email on my phone, diving immediately into work while still tired from a late gig the night before, and feeling a sense of urgency about almost everything. On the exterior, I was calm, collected, and capable of getting the job done, but I felt incredibly inauthentic and tired. Rose help me realize that I didn’t have to live like that anymore, and part of my transition was to reconnect with my creative self.

Rose is an incredible listener, both to me and to her intuition. The reflection and feedback she gave me has helped gently transform my daily practice to incorporate little things that appeal to all of my senses and make a big difference. I have begun to make time (just 5 minutes will do!) for meditation, agenda-free creativity, and to remember what brings me true pleasure. She even suggested specific essential oils that help me stay in alignment with my creative self. I can say that by incorporating these simple things, I am more productive in my work and am enjoying myself more as well.

Rose’s knowledge of art and female archetypes has also touched me in this process. She told  me about a specific goddess that could serve as a guide for me at this time in my life. Reading about that goddess has helped remind me of my inner strength, and that we sisters are here for each other. Rose is a true supporter of sisterhood, and she makes it clear that when one woman thrives, it gives us all that same opportunity.

Rose opened a gateway for me to have a deeper, more enjoyable, more creative life. Thank you, dear Rose Candela!” ~ Molly Rose Reed, musician

I am a guide to women seeking soul nourishment amongst their busy lives. I join my expertise as a birth Doula and visual Artist to guide you teach you about your unique creative rhythm. 

Contact me today to find out how I can serve you and bring forth your most creative, free, and beautiful self.

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