Dreams come true – 3 years later

Three years ago, I had a dream that told me to teach about the moon.

I woke up from my slumber with clarity, yet I said: not now, muse.

I was pregnant with my first babe and was sick, tired, and entering into a pause phase for my business.

Somewhere in me, I trusted that this information would come back if it was meant to.

Enter a year later – I started to study the moon cycles, my menstrual cycle, and how to leverage it for my business, through my teacher Kate Northrup’s program Origin.

Things started to click. You see, before I took maternity leave, I was teaching creativity as a seasonal thing. Creative winter = creative rut, lack of inspiration & creative summer = exhibits, social media sharing, etc.

The seasons are the gateway to curing feeling stressed out about your creativity.

The cycles of life work together to support our visions, truth, and belonging.

Don’t you crave to pursue an idea without attachment to the outcome?

For me, I traveled to the darkest depths of my soul to find the information I’m called to share with you.

3 years of research, listening, teaching and most of all observing the cycles of my energy + moon: are all culminated in my first digital course: Soul Cycle Digital.

I used to leave creative projects and ideas unfinished, or pushed away.

Truth be told, I was too busy supporting others to listen to my dreams. I was creatively burnt out, to say the least.

I thought the remedy to my creative burnout was to push harder, have a better routine, drink green juice, or to have a bigger fan base before I could finish.

Absurd, to list out, though of course I’d feel that way.

We are told, over and over, that there are quick fixes.

We are sold formulas to build a business in a month.

Most of all — we’ve been taught how to be creative based on an outdated framework.

It’s time to create on your terms.

I want you to:

To take a pause, honor where you are emotionally today.

To realize there’s nothing wrong with you, and you don’t need to be fixed.

To feel vibrant and in control of your creativity.

Soul Cycle digital is a course for the mama trying to find herself after being swallowed by constant caregiving. It’s for the business owner burnt out from achieving all day. It’s for the creative whose unwritten novel stored away in her brain for years.

Creating this course came to me in dream, but I realize my dream is really for you.

Sometimes things take 3 years to sprout – and that’s perfectly normal.

Embracing you on your path, your journey, and whatever phase of life you are in.

R o s e

P.S. – Click here to be guided to a life of less burnout, more creativity and inner peace.

Dreams come true – 3 years later

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