What is the difference between a soul mentorship and a creative entrepreneur mentorship?

My soul mentorship is designed for the woman who is on the cusp of change, who is seeking to dive deeper into her intuition. I use my experience in the healing arts and as a birth doula to be present for her needs. She will be prompted every week to do very deep self reflective exercises.

My creative entrepreneur mentorship is designed for those who want to give their creative business the time it deserves. I use my experience as an entrepreneur for 7+ years to bring my expertise to the topic of creative business.

This program is someone starting out with his/her solo business, or it could be for one who has been in business a while, but needs a new perspective.

Both programs are based around the individual, recognizing the ability that each of my clients has to create and live a full life of purpose.

Do you offer more than one month packages?

If you have completed one month with me, you can re-up at the end of the month for a discounted rate special to my returning clients.

Do you offer less than one month packages?

No. The reason for this is I have done so in the past, and it feels very incomplete as a mentor. Think of just going to the gym once and expecting to see results, it takes more effort than that! I need to see or hear from my clients for at least 4 weeks to assess their progress and growth.

Can I buy your mentorship program for my daughter/friend/spouse/relative?

I think this is a generous idea, but right now I don’t offer this as a possibility. Why? Because I desire for the individual to want the mentorship for herself. Both my mentorship programs are based around intuition, and if a person does a mentorship because they have to fulfill a gift requirement, they aren’t following their intuition to start the program.

If you want to recommend your daughter/friend/spouse/relative to contact me, they her to send me an email here.

Where can I find out more about you?

Check out my about page with my background and life philosophy here.

Check out what other women have said about my mentorship work here.

Read my weekly blogs here, you will learn a lot about my style of thinking through my words!

Do you have any other questions? Send me a note here.

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