Hitching Happiness to a Happening

I had a revelation this morning.

I, like many of us, wait for my expectations to occur in order to then become happy.

Ohhh, this is so challenging to admit to you, because I teach VERY topic of expectations and being rid of they to almost all of my clients. (truth: I never ever claim to be a master of anything I teach, I’m a devoted student of life).

I hear and have heard:

When I find romantic love, then I’ll be happy

When I moved out of this bloody town, then I’ll be happy

When I get _______ amount of money, then I’ll be happy

When that magazine publishes my art/blog/photos, then I’ll be happy

If these thoughts ever came to me in the sentence form I have mapped out above, I’d probably have long ago sussed it all out.

I’m not sorry for this part of me, but I am ready to let it go to transform into something new.


When you hitch your happiness to a happening, then you create suffering for yourself.

When you expect one thing to turn a certain way in order to feel joy, then you cause yourself pain.

Today, let your internal sense of worth and happiness not be dependent on what happens out there.

This happening is your happiness. Staying true to your present life is bliss.

That way, no matter what good or bad happens, you always will have your bones of bliss to hold you through every single moment of your precious life.


Hitching Happiness to a Happening

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