I don’t want you to be a professional artist

disclaimer: if you want to be a professional artist, I support you. But first, please read…

Dear creative one,

The next step after falling in love with your creativity isn’t making it big as a professional artist. The next step after falling in love is listening to your creativity.

Your art doesn’t have to make money in order for it to be valuable.

If you’re a professional artist, I bow to you. I know, from working with pro artists for over a decade, how much goes into that job.

It’s possible and totally probable for a lot of people to make money from their creations.

Yet, not every artist wants to make money from her art.
Some of you want to keep making art as a hobby, right?
I get flooded with questions of how to make it big, or how making a career out of art feel defeated.

If this is you – I want to get to the core of that feeling of defeated feeling you may be having.

This blog is going to contain a few questions for you that I’d truly like for you to take a pause and answer.

What do you want your art to be?

Have you asked your creativity how it wants to show up today?

What do you feel like creating right now?

For me, I want my art to be flexible. I want it to evolve with me, change like the moon, and express my heart’s fullest capacity and confusions all at once. 

I want my creativity to show up as she needs to. I want, above all, for her to bring me presence.

Today, I feel like creating peace and also am craving to observe and use the color blue. Since  I don’t have the time to paint today – how can I find it in my environment?

We’re all walking a path of finding what’s true and authentic to our lives. While professional artist is one route, it’s not the only next step or the right step.

The next step can simply be creating for the sake of loving how it feels. Making art and being a visionary is a skill that enriches all of your life. And that, my love, is enough.

You are enough.

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I don’t want you to be a professional artist

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