I love her and I’m not ashamed

I spent a lot about a decade of my life resisting what was present in pop culture. 

Isn’t that what our late teens and early 20s are for?

I thought TV was invented to numb us, that mainstream art was for there to homogenize us, and that any music that wasn’t recorded by Alan Lomax was a capitalist scheme. 

Sigh, ya’ll. Sigh.

I love myself, so I don’t look back at this time and shake my head.

I see all of that as really important to building the foundation of who I am. 

Yet, I’m at a different phase in my life, one where I can soften that lens and see the good in things that other people like. 

Today, I love some pop culture stuff and I’m proud to say it. 

For instance, I really love Georgia O’Keeffe.


Widely known and seen and all over some greeting cards – I find her inspiring beyond measure.

I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way — things I had no words for. 
Geogoria O’Keeffe

I recently did a little homage on my instagram account of her work, did you get to see it?

If not, here it is. 

I believe claiming what + who you love creates the freedom to research, dig deep, and practice being you. 

Did you know that research, learning, and cultivating a new topic is part of your Practicing phase in your Soul Cycle? 
(if you want to find out more about your Soul Cycles, check out the information video I posted in my private FB group!)

Most of all:

You are what makes life unique and original.

It’s not the company you keep or things you have or subjects you study that makes you, you.

You were divinely created to walk your life path with acceptance and joy.

Keep on creating, living in synch with your cycles, and hey…even journal about it with me


R o s e


I love her and I’m not ashamed

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