I’m real. I’m not a polished product

This questions been swimming since I moved a week ago:

How can I serve when my internal and external world feels messy?⠀

I’ve been in a place of doubt about my ability to be fully present for my clients.

You see, I have a full roster of women who are in my Soul Cycle Sessions right now. ⠀

It’s so incredible to hold space for these women – truly my work feels like a privilege. ⠀

And/but I don’t know where I am when I wake the morning. And/but my computer crashed during the move. And/but I’m living from piles of clothes and stuff everywhere.⠀

Things are super messy. Literally, my home is a mess from moving.

Emotionally, I’m grieving my past life in my old home & neighborhood in ways I didn’t expect. ⠀

Yet, here’s the thing: yes – I can serve from this place. You know why? I’m real. I’m not a polished product, I’m human. I’m a guide, not a bossy woman. I believe all of this makes me a better listener to be in the thick, gooey aspects of my life.⠀

We are our strongest when are raw and open to our life being messy.

I can proclaim this because before teaching the Soul Cycles, I’ve been a student of the Soul Cycles.⠀

Though the Soul Cycle Sessions are a program I created, living cyclically is nothing new. It’s as ancient as being here. ⠀

If you are interested in learning about what I call the Soul Cycles, and how they’ve served me in this time of transition, please click this link to get in touch.

Let’s get real and do this together. I believe in you. 

I’m real. I’m not a polished product

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