Practice being seen

A few days ago, I showed my son a drawing I was working on, and he smiled and giggled. 

He then proceeded to do what he was doing, and me too.

I am working on letting my son see my life. You know, the stuff that isn’t just me being his keeper and running around from place to place.

I let him see me dance to music.

I let him see me smooch his Dad.

I let him see me laugh with my friends.

I do this so he knows he is his own person, and I am mine.

As a private person, I often feel that I needed to compartmentalize what I share of my life. 

Like, I let certain people see certain sides of me. It’s a protective mode, and not necessarily the best strategy for being an open vessel to life.

As a mama, I realize that this hiding of myself wastes my energy. 

I call this blog practice being seen because it’s just that for me, a practice.  

I haven’t always felt like being seen, and that’s ok—there’s a time for staying unseen and hidden.

But now, I am literally being watched most of my day. I want to teach my son this:

The things that light us up live to be seen.

Dear one, do you feel the need to hide a part of yourself?

Do you yearn to be seen and understood by the world around you?

Today, practice being seen by doing this:

Smiling and making eye contact with a stranger.

Say to yourself as you walk out the door: it is safe it be seen. 

When a beloved person asks you how you are, open to grace + tell your truth to her.

May you be free of the obstacles that keep you from showing up.

Tell me now, what is one way that you can practice being seen today? Let me know in the comments below!

Practicing is a necessary phase life and of our soul’s cycle. Are you interested in finding out more about your Soul Cycle? Click here to check out my latest in person offering, Soul Cycle Sessions. 

Credit where credit is due: A few months ago a friend of mine sent me this article, Let Them See You, by Sonya Spillmann and as I wrote today’s blog, I was reminded of the similarities. Thank you, Cat, for the reminder.

Practice being seen

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