Practice Should-less days

Recently, I was listening to a podcast where actress Ellen Burstyn talked about her practice of regaining her composure after a busy time. How does she do so? Ms. Burstyn prescribes herself should-less days, where she frees herself from obligation for a full day.

Lately, I have been in a should-less period of my life. After a successful line of events and activities from this Summer, I found myself intentionally should-less. I was burnt out and needed to regain focus on myself.

At first, this should-lessness felt really strange. My nature is to plan and at times, over plan (I use a calendar for everything, even scheduling in when I do my chores!). Once I got over the fear of vanishing from not accomplishing a million things in one day, a powerful shift began to occur: I began to feel more creative and vital in all aspects my life. 

Should-less days deliver in a freedom that your creativity needs in order to thrive.

Honestly, the word should feels critical and full of judgement; two emotions that need to be silenced in many of us.

What if you stopped telling yourself you should do something? How much kinder would you be in your relationships to yourself, or to others?


When you feel yourself saying: I should do ______, switch your words to:

I want to do ______, because it will make me feel good.

So, what about the mundane tasks or hard conversations that you really don’t want to take on? Think about the big picture, the desired outcome of the situation before you.

For instance: you may not want to clean your studio, but doing so will prepare you for moments when inspiration strikes and you need to find the right tools.

Or, you probably aren’t excited to have a conversation with someone you love about boundaries, but doing so will make your relationship healthier and happier in the big picture.

I encourage you to embrace the should-less mentality for a small amount of time today. See what arises in you when you take this path. Does the desire to create with passion and abandon come forth? Perhaps what arises is compassion for yourself, which creates a much needed softening inside you.

Practice should-less days and watch your creative soul soar. 

Tell me all about your should-less practice by responding below. I love hearing from you!

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Practice Should-less days

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