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3 tips to get you coloring

Coloring for adults is making headlines these days. For me, I have found a love in coloring and also creating coloring templates. This is a new love, because a while ago I completely abandoned coloring because I didn’t like staying in the lines. I still don’t stay in the lines, but my rebellious nature doesn’t[…]

What if I told you?

What if I told you that you don’t have to wait for permission to be creative? What if I told you failure was part of the process of creativity–a part that you can’t and shouldn’t avoid? One of my biggest internal roadblocks when expressing myself is waiting for the right time. Waiting for someone else[…]

What exactly is creativity?

Hmmmm….the word creativity is used a lot these days. It can mean innovation, it can mean a solution to a problem, it can mean a spark or an “aha” moment that comes into our being. In this video, I break down what I believe creativity to mean. In short, I want you to own your[…]

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