The #1 thing to help you complete your projects.

When I was crafting my new online course, Learn Creativity, my favorite lesson was on finishing your art projects.


First, it’s literally something you aren’t taught in school. Actually, I think it’s often romanticized to never know when something is complete.

Second, this question – how will I know when my work is done – is a recurring theme for my students. The reason I wrote my program, Learn Creativity, is that I want many women to have access to what I teach – without having to schedule a session with me.

Let’s talk about finishing your projects/paintings/manuscript/proposal.

Creative one, it’s not a death when something is finished. 

When you complete your task, you allow for it’s message to become something else. Maybe it will change someone else’s life. Maybe your life will be changed from the simple act of making something.

Like I mentioned, I hear from my students and other artists about how it’s tough to finish a painting. Or how they return to a piece that they started 5 years ago. (Eke!!!)

Here’s what I want to ask you, if you’re someone who has trouble completing projects:

Do you find it easy or hard to let go in other areas of your life?

Letting go is about stepping into your power.

Complete your task is about knowing that what you create has an alchemical property to be something else after its left your body.

The #1 thing, or frame of mind, to help you complete your projects:

Know that finishing a project is claiming that you are enough.

That’s the power of creativity: you access inner peace when you use your creativity. And living from a place of inner peace (rather than inner frazzled-ness), one step at a time, heals the world.

Curious how to finish your projects in order to make room for what’s next? Join Learn Creativity, a woman’s guide to self acceptance through the creative seasons.

The #1 thing to help you complete your projects.

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