The toughest season has the greatest gifts

I’m not going to pretend to be someone I’m not. So here I claim:

I struggle emotionally the winter season.

I’ve tried all sorts of things every year to fix this struggle in me — until now.

I’m not going to fix what isn’t broken, meaning, I believe there’s nothing wrong with my not liking winter.

Recently, my husband son and I went for a hike in our new neighborhood forest area, and I realized how great the gifts of winter are:

No poison ivy or oak.

Being able to feel the deep rays of the sun through the barren trees.

The ground is soft with decaying leaves.

In my Soul Cycle Sessions I teach that the soul cycle called Seeking is akin to Winter.

This means that we cycle into a part of our soul that feels like winter in all ways.

The challenges of the Seeking soul cycle are:

Feeling sluggish

Being scared of the unknown

Stuck in feeling meaningless or constantly looking for meaning outside of yourself

Inner voice, or intuition, feels confused or quiet

The gifts of the Seeking soul cycle are:

Feeling excitement about putting roots down

Planning new projects, honoring your ideas with a system of keeping track of them

Relishing in the quiet + stillness

Intuition is clear and focused

Can you see in your life a pattern where the biggest challenges have created some of the greatest aha moments?

Like for me, here’s some examples:

When I was 19, my steady first love type boyfriend and I broke up after a tumultuous and dramatic relationship. He had been cheating on me for such a long time, and when I found out about it – it was almost like a relief. Why? Because I had known in my soul that was happening for a long time. I just wanted to will myself through the other side to believe what I wanted.

When I look back on that time, I know that I learned to listen and honor my intuition. 

When I was 25, I was laid off of my cushy job that I didn’t love, but was super nice to have a steady paycheck and benefits. Like, I was walked in a meeting and told to leave that day laid off.

I was shocked but not surprised.
I’ve never worked a 9-6 job again since then, because this time forced me into seeing my true gifts, not how well I can work a database.

Though the financial insecurity was unbelievably stressful for me, I learned how to harness my true gifts as a coach and artist at this stage of life – and to start this business you know today!

When I was 32, I became a mama to an incredible sweet heart. My post-partum experience was shadowy, and tough. I had a complicated birth (more on that next week!) and I couldn’t recovery emotionally or physically like I wanted to – for over a year.

I see how much was born in me during this equally dark and light time. For one, the Soul Cycle Sessions became clear to me and started to manifest as my next chapter of coaching.

As a new mama, I learned how to trust the rhythms of life and death even greater.

I became the woman I was meant to become after giving birth.

Dearest one, can you list out three times in your life that were challenging and then write your greatest gift received during this time?

This practice matters because it reminds you of how resilient and resourceful you are.

You will be able to call on this knowing when you come into a Seeking or winter phase of life  again.

Because, there’s one thing that’s inevitable:

We cycle through theses seasons to make us more of who we are.

Dear one, I believe in you.

Thaa is dark time may be challenging but the gifts are great. That is promised.

The toughest season has the greatest gifts.


R o s e

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The toughest season has the greatest gifts

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