Your story matters

No matter how much or how little you feel like you’ve got to offer – I want to tell you one thing:

Your story matters.

You may be stuck in a loop of comparing yourself to others, or thinking that you’re not good enough, or that you haven’t much to offer. Like I discussed last week – you may also be stuck from having too many ideas.

As someone whose entire career – from archivist to creativity teacher – has been about listening, I can guarantee you that you have something to offer.

Learn Creativity is my latest offering that really was born from listening to your stories. Maybe you’re not globe trotting or written up in articles. So what? Does that define us and our importance here?

Does our creativity only matter if it’s being seen?

Today, I’m giving a glimpse into my course, Learn Creativity where I talk about my creative story. In this video I discuss why I look at creativity seasonally, and a bit about how giving birth gave this all perspective.

Take a look here.

You story matters. I want to hear it. Most importantly, I want you to tell it in order to set you free.

Learn Creativity is now open!!!

I created Learn Creativity for you, beautiful creative one. You matter, your ideas matter, but maybe you don’t feel like creating right now. That’s normal.

Maybe your projects have failed, and you fear starting again.

That’s normal.

Maybe you don’t want to be a professional artist, all you want is for your art to be fun again.

That’s normal.

Join Learn Creativity before the doors close (June 5) and also be gifted a bonus bundle that’s unlike anything I’ve ever put together before.

Click here to join.

Your story matters

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