You’re in a unique position right now

(a pic of me, really pumped to be writing to to you this week!). 

Dear creative one,

I’ve missed writing to you weekly on all things creativity, time, and being human. I’ll be back at it some day soon.

But, I do have words to share with you! I wrote a blog for the Joan Mitchell Foundation about time management for creatives. In this blog, I discuss the ways I believe artists are in a unique position to be excellent at time management. Check it out here.

When I wrote this blog at the end of February, I had no idea that we’d all be reshaping and restructuring our days so radically. It’s been both overwhelming and exciting to do so for me. Each 24 hour cycle feels like a chance and also a shock to my system. I know you probably feel these feelings in some way, too. 

Most of all, this time is teaching me we’re all so resilient. I know this about many of you, and all the hardships you’ve faced. Now, I know it even more about the human spirit today.

As always, let me know how you are in the comments below.

Also, I’ve been dreaming lately of writing an advice column, so…get ready to ask me a question! It may just be published (anon if you want!) in a future blog on! More details on that soon.

Until next time, I embrace you,

PS – Though I’m not writing weekly blogs during corona time, my office is still open. I’m writing lots for my time keeper collective, and meeting up with my beloved clients online.

If you want to schedule a consult with me, check out my services here.

You’re in a unique position right now

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