10 survival tips for new moms

Hey there mama.

I am writing this post for you, as you wade the waters of early motherhood. Life change in such a grand way (like becoming a mama) can be beautiful, but also daunting and full of a flood of emotions.

As a new mama myself, I know those early months were full of needing all the encouragement and support I could get.

Nothing can explain the joy of meeting your little one, and in the same breath…nothing can explain the amount of support you need to get through this time.

My new mama survival tips aren’t going to tell you to wear your baby in order to bond, because some new mamas have a cesarean and baby wearing isn’t possible in the first month.

My new mama survival tips aren’t going to tell you that breast is best because some new mamas can’t breastfeed their babies, and it breaks their heart open to be reminded of their struggle.

My new mama survival tips aren’t going to tell you that you shouldn’t cry it out, because some new mamas will fall apart if they don’t put their babe down as she cries in order to get relief.

Instead I want you to know that…

1. It’s ok

2. It’s ok

3. It’s ok

4. Yes, it’s normal to feel like it’s not ok

5. Yup, that is normal too

6. You’re doing great

7. You’re making the right choices for right now

8. It’s ok

9. It’s ok

10. It’s ok

This is not an article in jest. This article is not meant to be irreverent to the honest help that new mama’s need.

This is a real life list of what I know matters the most as a new mama: reassurance and acceptance.

And, let me serve as a reminder to you that there’s no agenda to fulfill as a new mama other than to remember it’s ok.

My criteria in writing this today is this:

I want this article to be a place acceptance for what new motherhood looks like for you. 

I see you. I honor you. I want you to accept YOU and this life of yours. 

I’m here to tell you that it’s ok.

All the new mother tips I ran across in those early days of mama-hood felt like they were telling me what to do.

As someone whose birth ended up being the total opposite of what I expected, I craved reassurance that my motherhood path was…simply put…ok.

My birth was full of medical interventions, though I wanted it to be free from interventions.

I remember telling my husband the day my son was born,

 I hope no one finds out about my birth story.

I felt shame, sadness, and confusion around who I was after such an intense birth experience.

The initiation into motherhood that I went through, as painful as it was in so many ways, brought me into my greatest purpose as a mother + a guide.

I realized that the story I wanted to hide was holding my greatest truth and service to the world.

My wish and path right now is to serve you in finding the same acceptance I’ve found for myself.

I want you to revel in the knowing that:

It’s ok. 

I’ve done a lot of work to be at a place where I can see my birth experience and new days as a mother as ok.

Doing so is a journey, it’s often very challenging, but being ok with what was allows me to be present for what is.

Let me say that again:

Being ok with what was allows me to be present for what is.

I’m ready to support you, new mama, in accepting where you are.

I’m launching a new program designed for new mamas (what I consider the first 2 years of motherhood, whether you give birth or adopt in order to become a mama).

If you are interested in finding out about the program and finding your inner OK, please sign up here.

And hopefully I am not the first to remind you today, but if I am:

You are doing a great job.

To your deepest acceptance,

R o s e

10 survival tips for new moms

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