3 simple ways to nourish yourself as you release your past

It’s time to nourish yourself.

It’s Autumn in the northern hemisphere. As I write this, the leaves fall from the trees in order to provide food for their next blooming season. How perfect is nature?

We all prepare for the smoldering underground season, the time where the creative nothingness is embraced with warm foods, tonics, and gatherings. 

It’s time to nourish yourself.  

Dear one, nourishing yourself is not about fancy acts of radical self-care. I often hear from my friends and clients that the myth that self-care is something that they can’t afford.

How do you nourish yourself as you release your past during this season?

I’m all about finding the passageway, right here and now, so here are three simple ways to nourish yourself:

Nourishment comes in the form of absorbing the colors that surround you.

Take a few moments, or minutes, and close your eyes. Breath deeply, and upon opening your eyes, take in the color that surrounds you. The color of this life can be your soul food if you allow it.

Nourishment comes in by living with the knowledge that God is in everything.

If you see all the cycles of your being, the light, and the dark, as Divine then you will have less resistance to when things don’t work out in your favor. You’ll do less kicking and screaming and status updates about how things aren’t working out in your favor.

I’m living this right now, knowing that as some parts of my life aren’t turning out how I envisioned them. These things are part of my greater picture – the God is in everything vision. 

Nourishment comes from forgiveness.

Many years back, I was having a hard time…honestly, I can’t remember why right now.

At that time, I went to a place where I had lived a life that I wanted to forget.

I stood outside that place, gave myself a hug, and said: I forgive you.

It was transformative, and also it wasn’t anything at all.

Yet, it’s a memory I have that nourishes me and reminds me that I’m capable of moving past the places that keep me stuck.

The Corn Woman, as an archetype, is all about feeding yourself the mana of life with love, care, and calm vibes. 

She provides for others from her body and very being here, much like you do, I’m sure. 

It’s time to nourish yourself first, before anyone else.

As a mama, this is my most important, and most challenging, lesson right now.

How are you nourishing yourself during this releasing season (in the Northern hemisphere of the earth)? 

How are you letting your past selves sloth away in order to nourish you as you are, right here and now

Are you looking for support in nourishing yourself? Check out my Soul Cycle Sessions, a program that reminds you that there’s nothing wrong with you, right here and now. Click this link if you’re interested. 


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3 simple ways to nourish yourself as you release your past

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