Creative Soul Reflection: Creative Nothingness

 In this series, called Creative Soul Reflection, I circle back to posts or writings of my past and bring a new voice (literally) to the idea.

Take a moment to listen in to my discussion in a short audio podcast of sorts. Each audio is 20-30 minutes. I want you to absorb these thoughts on your drive to work, while you color in your coloring book, if as you gaze out a window thinking of your own uniqueness that makes you you.

My words are an invitation to bring you into deeper knowing of your creative soul.

creative nothingness

Today’s topic: Creative Nothingness

We all need to experience creative nothingness in order to know ourselves.

Like the cycles of nature, creativity cycles in and out of our life from a force larger than ourselves.

Creative nothingness is a time where you embrace the void of not much happening in your life.

This void can be a challenge for many of us in our life. We live in such a result driven society, that it is a challenge to see nothing as valuable.

My job today is to remind you that creative nothingness is extremely valuable.

Creative nothingness shows up in our life in the following ways:

Creative Winter: a time where you aren’t producing much, saying much, or doing much outwardly. You are tending to your inner needs. You may be seeking and searching to understand your needs. This period is often mislabeled as creative block.

True creative block: a time when you aren’t taking care of yourself. Your sense of security, being seen and heard, or health is not tended to. In order to door be  anything creative, you must take care of yourself first.

An tough love invitation to go inward: What is really needing to be addressed as you experience the feelings and moods that go along with creative nothingness? What part of you needs to be accepted and loved to move forward?

I have been in a state of creative nothingness for a while. For me, this means I don’t share my life + art with social media as much. I am not creating new visual art every week. My creative business has slowed down. This is all because I am tending to myself differently as I go through a major life change.

I am re-ordering the priorities in my life, while honoring the unknown of it all in the process.

Take a listen to my personal reflection on this topic in the audio below:


In this creative soul reflection, I reflect on the following ideas:

Being okay with nothing happening creatively in your life

Understanding true creative block

A very personal reflection on finding value in my creative nothing time

Take a listen by clicking on the audio image above or by clicking here.

Blogs referenced for this idea of creative nothingness:

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Also, take a peek at this book: Tara Brach’s Radical Acceptance

As always, comment below or write to me about how you are exploring your creativity today. Work with me, for a limited time, one-on-one to get you through creative block.


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Creative Soul Reflection: Creative Nothingness

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