30 ways to see Beauty

There’s a lot of talk about beauty in life. Often, when we hear the word beauty we think of the physical beauty or symmetry instead of what is right in front of our eyes.

Today, I want to propose an idea to you:

What if everything you experience is beauty? All you experience is BEAUTY in it’s most essential form?



Or how about this–even if you don’t see your experiences as beautiful, are you reminded of beauty by the absence of it?

I invite you to seek beauty–yearn for it–hunt for it.

Seeing beauty will change your life forever.

Warning: if you practice this list, you may start to see beauty EVERYWHERE. Let me know how you see beauty the comments below!

30 ways to see Beauty in your everyday life (no passport, credit card, or lengthy program required!)

1. The ability to inhale and exhale

2. By gazing up to look at the sky

photo 4 3. Watching people

4. In animals gazing out into the wild wild world

5. Observing the wind move the leaves

6. Recognizing the calm after the storm

7. When sunshine rests on a plant

8. Hugs

9. In a handwritten note

10. The soft and warm comfort of your bed

11. Listening to live music

12. Tasting a homemade meal

13. When eyes shut in order to rest

14. In the laughter of a stranger

15. Experiencing coincidences

16. The smell and feel of an old book

17. Standing on your own two feet

18. The capacity to write your thoughts

19. Walking in the sand or grass without shoes

20.  Looking into baby’s eyes

21. The soft flickering of a candle

22. Watching a bird fly

23. Spotting the moon in the middle of a blue sky

24. The sound of water rolling through rocks

25. Listening to other languages

26. Observing the many colors of a cloud

27. Hearing the voice of an old friend

28. Reading a poem out loud to yourself

29. Finding your favorite color in nature

30. You. Simply, purely, as-you-are You.


30 ways to see Beauty

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2 thoughts on “30 ways to see Beauty

  1. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, how someone sees the world is what separates the average person from creative genius.

    1. Thanks for your insight, Joel. I think, too, how we see the world shifts us to see the our life as a true gift.

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