A live chat with Jana Kellam about bliss, life & work

Wow, I have to say that my life is never shy of new opportunities to grow and become more of who I am. In this live interview (with no script or anything!) I dive into the topic of living from a place of fulfillment.

Click the link below to the full access of my interview with life coach (& long time friend) Jana Kellam about my path in finding a bliss-filled career-satisfying life.

Plan B-a unique discussion on life and bliss by Jana Kellam and Rose Candela Moore


This discussion will have you thinking deeply about your life path, that’s a guarantee!!!!

Do you have questions or feedback? Want more detail and information about something we discussed? Leave note in the comments below and I’ll get back to you with an answer!

In bliss,jana_rose2




A live chat with Jana Kellam about bliss, life & work

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