5 things you never knew about Creativity!

:::  Short and sweet, here is a list of what I am finding helpful to tap into my creative spirit :::

Know that Creativity is in all of us.

You were born a creator.  It is part of your code on this earth to feel creative—breath, experience, create. Go ahead–feel your creativity as the same energy that is your life with each breath. See? Life is an Art, and you are the creator of your own very beautiful world.

Be you.

You don’t have to be prolific as a creative being.  I’m not talking about DaVinci when I use the word Creative. Oh-my. He really was an amazing creator-but that was his journey, and he took it. What makes you feel the most NOW moment? Is it while moving your body? That is creative. Is it while baking cookies? That is creative. Be you–that is the most amazing creative power!

Get away from it all.

Creativity really loves minimal distraction. Be in the moment of your life and you will see the abundance of creativity everywhere. Turn off the computer and cell phone for one hour a week–and use this as your time to get creative. Write, sing, dance, bake, paint…do it all–unplugged and in the moment.

Creativity never leaves you alone.

Creativity is your best friend. Call this part of your creativity your imagination. You can choose to embrace the creativity whenever you want, because it lives in you. Creativity never leaves you, it will be your muse at all times.

Creativity is play.

When was the last time you played or got playful with your work and life? Creativity is not just about anchoring yourself to one place to get creative and make something. Instead creativity is in the in the way you experience.
It could be in literal play with children (or adults). Creativity and playfulness are inexplicably linked together as one. Explore your playfulness…explore your creativity!

And a sixth bonus one:

Creativity is YES.

Say YES to your life. Say yes to your creative powers and to a bliss-seeking life. YES is a gesture of invitation for more and more goodness to creative come. YES.


5 things you never knew about Creativity!

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