Keeping Goals by Keeping Balance

I’ve been really happy and busy doing a lot of activities I love lately. Most of all, I am working on my creative business of art making and expanding my online shop. It’s been overwhelming a times, but most of all starting this new chapter reveals to me that doing what I love makes other parts of my life and relationships flourish. Hooray!!!

I’ve learned a few things to help me balance any overwhelming feelings. Here are some that help me get back on track to my goals:

1. Break the container. In other words, let go of what is holding you back or restricting you from moving forward–this could be a limiting mindset or hanging out with unsupportive people. You will find more freedom in your busy times once you clean out that which holds you back.

2. Get moving. The word ‘exercise’ feels like a chore, so I like to say movement. Walking, gardening, mopping, dancing, pilates –whatever it is– all this movement helps you release a ton of endorphins for getting through the stress of starting something new. 30 minutes a day will keep you healthy and happy! And if you are like me, it’s in movement that I get my biggest ‘AHA’ moments!

3. Communicate with your Community. There is nothing like feeling supported by a group of people. Make sure to tell your community what is going on with you when you see them–in the gym, church, grocery store–wherever. I believe we are on this earth to interact and support one another (unless you want to live in total isolation, which probably means you’re not reading this right now…).Take time to remind yourself of your dreams and goals by telling them to someone else!

I hope you enjoy these tips, and most of all–take time to bring balance into your life by honoring what you need the most in the present moment.

Happy June everyone, and I hope you relish in all that is making your heart content this time of year!

Keeping Goals by Keeping Balance

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