These 5 things will get you through confusing times (I hope)

I’ve been on a roller coaster the past 10 days or so.

Anyone else out there feel this? Like, not on a summer vacation at a theme park, but on an emotional roller coaster?

OK, cool…nice to know I’m not the only one.

Last week, in the Northern hemisphere, we had this big Summer Solstice–full of brightness, inviting visibility and extroversion. And at the same time, we had this big new moon–full of darkness, inviting concealment and introversion.

There was this literal push and pull happening externally that was playing out internally.

The way this push and pull was playing out in my life was a bunch of doubt about my art business.

It seems our deepest fears is where our darkness likes to lurk.

But this darkness couldn’t lurk for too long because…it was Summer’s solstice and all the world was so freaking lit.

So, I was feeling the dark night of my soul, while getting blasted by 16 hours of daylight by the Sun’s intense love for us all.

Because of this confusing time, I did all sorts of things that didn’t serve my business.

One thing I did was push a massive sale on my website. I beat myself up when the sale wasn’t a hit.

Another thing I did was I shared and sent out a newsletter from a place of gotta do this…or else I’ll…and it wasn’t my most popular create letter to date.

Today, after a few days of investigating what was going on (by journaling, talking to others, crying) I have decided to let my seeds not only bloom, but let fallow.

Meaning, I’ve stopped over-efforting in order to find the answers. I’ve decided to trust that the seeds I plant will be transformational.

In the most confusing times the answers linger in the air, waiting for someone to get grounded enough to receive them.

It was up to me to get grounded enough to let the answer come through.

It helped me during this time to:

Slow down for a minute. Put down the phone. I’m the worst lately about checking my phone like it has the answers I need. I had to turn it off and delete my apps this past weekend. Here’s what to do instead: Look at something naturally beautiful and take a few deep breaths.

Get in the earth. I played in the dirt with my son this week and it was like God was speaking directly to both of us. Do it. The answers are in the mud. 

Get clear. Have a date with your finances and get clear about your budget. Get clear and write out 3 goals for your week–that’s all. Clear off that messy desk in front of you. Get clear externally so you can get clear internally. Your brain will thank you.

Be open. Try to listen instead of talk. Try to not react when you get triggered by what someone says. Try to receive instead of give. Look at the sky and this posture will open your heart physically, and also energetically. Try not to have the closed sign turned in the window to your soul.

Love someone you don’t want to love. Ya’ll. We all have people in our life that challenge us. It’s not cool to admit, especially among those of us who are coaches and whatever, but it’s true. Here’s something I learned from Tara Brach: Everyone wants to be loved. Try to acknowledge this in the person that challenges you the most today.

Of course you know that confusing times lead to greater awareness. You wouldn’t be on this site if you weren’t hip to that idea.

But without a few rituals to ground you through, you may find yourself stuck or lost or in a rut.

I hope these help you today. And if they don’t, I hope you can keep trying so that you cultivate a sense of curiosity and love for your life as it is right now.

What about you, dear one? What practices do you have to stay curious during confusing times? Let me know in the comments below.

May the brightness and darkness be with you,

R o s e

These 5 things will get you through confusing times (I hope)

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