There’s nothing wrong with you

nothing wrong with you

What if I told you today, there’s nothing wrong with you?

Would you furrow your brow and try to argue that yes…there is something wrong with you.

Would your shoulders relax at the reminder your internal being already knows?

Would you lean in a bit with curiosity at what I mean?

Dear one, there is nothing wrong with you.

Yes, improve what you need to improve in order to live more abundantly.

Yes, release those patterns of thought that hold you down.

Yes, get out of that relationship that makes you sob to yourself in sorrow day after day.

Yet, none of these things you need to fix equate to something being wrong with you.

There’s nothing wrong with you.

We are told often that the grass is greener on the other side. 

We women are taught from a very young age the very state of our womanhood is wrong and needs to be fixed (like controlling our menstrual cycle with pills, for example).

We are sold item after item that promises to correct us.

However, there’s nothing wrong with you.  

I deal with this accepting that there’s nothing wrong with me almost every day.

After I gave birth to my son, I came home feeling a range of emotions from ecstatic joy to deep grief, mostly that there was something wrong with me because my birthing him didn’t turn out as planned.

I upset and confused I tore down the birth affirmations I had pinned up while pregnant.

It took me months of being with the confusion to realize that I was experiencing a transformative cycle of my soul.

I was releasing and letting go of a part of me that was no longer needed in order to move to the next phase.

The broken pieces of our soul let the light through.

Without light, new life can’t happen.

Over time, I accepted that there was nothing wrong with me. Through tears, getting support, diving into my self growth programs, I came to this place:

Everything is happening at it’s own rhythm. 

I’m here to remind you that whatever rhythm of life you are experiencing, there is nothing wrong with you.

We all go through certain cycles that teach us how to accept ourselves.

Dear one, there’s no other way to say this, so let me say it again:

You are in this stage of your life for a reason.


Deeply, deeply, embrace.

Tear down the affirmations if you need to remember:

There’s nothing wrong with you. 


Tell me, do you feel curious about this idea that there’s nothing wrong with you? If you want to learn more, I encourage you to take a look at my offering Soul Cycle Sessions. And, if you have any stories about overcoming the thought of being broken, tell me in the comments below! 

There’s nothing wrong with you

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