A love affair

This love affair like all others you know.

Inspecting all the smallest aspects that you love about your love…

Being love struck and forgetting about other priorities…

Lots of private time to out what your chemistry is like…

But, here’s the one part that may be different than all other love affairs you’ve experienced. This is about loving yourself.

In particular, I’m writing about my New Year thoughts and truths. I am, in all the wacky ways, in a love affair with myself. I am exploring the links between self love and getting to the next stage of growth in my life.

My question to you, dear one: what if there could be no limit to the amount of love, creativity, and success you experience in your life?

So here I am, exploring loving myself even more, so that I can serve at a greater level in 2015. This has lead me through the stages of a love affair, as listed below:

Inspecting all the smallest aspects that you love about your love…

2014 was a particularly transitional year for me.

What worked for me, what excited me:
1. Listening to my heart and following my soul’s longing at quitting my day job work
2. Going to California to see one of my besties wed her beloved
3. Meeting yoga teacher Matthew Sanford
4. Participating and rocking it in my first craft fair
5. Being there for 2 mamas on their way to pregnancy, and attending a beautiful birth

Things that did not work for me in 2014:

1. Comparing myself to others
2. Worrying about money
3. Exhausting myself with taking on too much in my work
4. Leaving God and the Divine out of my writing and my being in order to be PC
5. Beating myself up when I failed at something

What has or has not worked for you as you look back on your life’s moments? How can you learn from this and love yourself even more?

On being love struck….

At the end of the year, I noticed that my inner being was telling me to slow down, even more, and treat myself with kindness. Every time I looked at the moon in the evening, I thought about how slow and steady she illuminates and darkens the earth. I wanted to be that, I want to slowly and methodically be, not just blow myself out commission after commission, e-course after e-course.

I thought about how much stuff I did this year to give my business momentum, and I realize I never gave myself any break after I left my extremely stressful full time work. I am exhausted.

This feeling of tired, surrender, yearning for a break has lead to to start saying no a lot more. I fill a lot of my time being part of many groups. And last month I decided to step away from a group I founded, just for the Winter, in order to re-center myself. It was so hard but so right at the same time. I know my sisters will be ready to meet me when I can fully bring it.

I’ve been declining a lot of invitations to do amazing, glorious things. I just can’t do the extroverted thing to myself right now. I need quiet, so I can hear the whispers of my soul.

Back to the love affair. I decided I am going to focus on loving myself, and making this as much a priority as thing on my to-do list. I know this is self-love is a gateway to a bigger part of myself.

Can you focus on on loving yourself unconditionally, in order to break through your own limits and be your best self?

On lots of private time figuring out what your chemistry is like…

Oh, and that part about finding love chemistry in this love affair? Yeah that was me after the Holidays, in bed with a lil’ bug thinking about my chemistry with this life of mine. I am a big believer in the power of thought. I spent the time I had in bed, because God handed me a freaking memo of needing to take a break, and focused on the light. I focused on the light inside me, and that illuminates the earth. Focusing on this light helped me to learn the important and almighty lesson of self love: being kind to myself shatters many other issues in my small yet super significant life.

My wish for you is to explore your own aspects of self love. Action: ask yourself how you do create when you love yourself?  Maybe you will find your creativity flourishes as your self love flourish. Tell me your results in the speak yo mind box below!

I’m listening….

A love affair

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