Behind the Curtains: 9 life lessons I’ve learned from birth

Each and every time I think about life and my principles for my coaching sessions, or for my own inter personal needs, I think of birth.

As a birth Doula, I recognize and honor that I have seen the most natural and auspicious creative process known to humankind: birth.

Being born unifies us all ~ no matter where or who we came from, we have all been born.

I could write this blog for days. See, birth isn’t just one thing. It’s a life changing event, for the mom, for the baby, for all those who help out– those like me. And each birth I’ve attended had it’s own uniqueness and overall joy. What sticks with me are the following universal life lessons:

You are immeasurably powerful: Are you reading this, my loves??? YOU have so much power stored inside of you. You are powerful. Your will, your might, your spirit are some of the strongest matter on this planet. What are you going to do with your power and strength today?


We are held and kept in mystery for a reason: If you knew the outcome of your life, you’d probably have a moment of feeling as if your big life curiosity had been satisfied. But I believe that if you knew the outcome you’d start frantically trying to shift and change the outcome of any and everything. Why? Because we are creatures who learn from contrast and conflict. That’s why the mystery of life is so good for us. This principle in all the ancient and new texts. Honestly, this mystery of our life is a blessing to our beings. I’d much rather live in a place where I am invited to be here, now, and enjoying the unknowns of life.

Transitions are the hardest: When a new mother is in labor, the moments where her contractions bring her from 8-10 centimeters are often the hardest point of labor. This time is labeled as “transition” for the mother. This transition is often considered the freak out point, to put it bluntly. I was taught and trained about this moment as a Doula not because it was just written about somewhere. I was taught and trained about this moment because it’s real with how tough transition can be internally and externally. And now you: think of your life and times where you made a transition. Maybe you thought the decision (like to move out of your home that you shared with your soon to be ex) was the hard part. But what really is the hard part is finding yourself in that new space of being right after the decision, before time eases the rough edges. Transitions are the hardest part of life, honestly they are–but you are powerful beyond measure. You can get through the transition, and you will do this, with ease and grace. Just be patient and trust the path you are on, and your intuition. I believe in you.

Receiving help is a strength: I’m pretty sure that a lot of you reading this may have trouble saying yes to help. I know this because I used to experience that myself, and I see it in a lot of us–especially women. I am here to remind you that to say yes to help is a great strength. To know when you need to ask for help, in a smart and mindful way, is a great strength. We all need community to achieve greatness, and the first step to this is to be able to receive.

Great things take time: From conception to birth, a human being is created in the womb of a woman, and this process takes roughly 42 weeks. That’s just 10 weeks shy of a calendar year, my people. The next time you plant a seed and want to see results immediately, know that great things take time, and they take time for a reason. As long as you can get out of your own way for the gift to come forth, you’ll be able to receive it and all it’s boons fully.

Nothing can be planned: Ok, I get it that in a sense everything can be planned–to a certain extent. Birth is an awesome moment where rigid plans get thrown out of the window. There are too many mystical and miracle moments in birth for a plan to be part of the end result. Intention setting is my favorite thing in the whole wide world, in all things, our expectations of the outcome of anything can be poisonous. I wrote about this topic a lot in this blog. I find ultimate freedom in not latching to expectations. Instead, I focus that expectation energy into intention setting.



Our minds can really get in our way: Oh, I wish I could give away my pregnancy planning coaching for free. Maybe one day I will, actually. A big point of my program is really to re-pattern old thought patterns that inhibit us. Because what I see over and over and over again are some brave mamas that get a bit stuck in some unhealthy thought patterns during pregnancy. In life, our minds get in the way a whole lot of us following our instincts and trusting deeply. I love the brain just as much as the next one, but it’s a super powerful muscle that can over dominate our life at times.

Feminine energy is the ultimate creative energy: While I believe that a balance of all energy, masculine and feminine, in our spirits is the way to being in a bliss based life, feminine energy rocks the creative energy spectrum in my book. The surrender, the faith, the darkness, the primal wildness–these elements all bring out your creation. This feminine energy does not want to be blocked off by anything, and honestly won’t be–even in situations where medical intervention is used in birth. No matter what, I can FEEL the feminine energy in the room, holding us all in chaos and calm at the same time as birth occurs. The feminine energy isn’t a scary energy–it’s you, it’s safe, it’s warm, it’s home. The feminine energy is the mother of us all–the ultimate creative energy.

The path is the end result: Many times, if a new mama is having a long labor, she explains that she feels discouraged, and that she feels like things aren’t happening. But the fact of the matter is, tons of stuff is happening. The path of labor can often be long, and at times scary. But there wouldn’t be a labor stage if it wasn’t part of the process that all women have to go through. I like to think of it as a beginning moment to remember your strength, for there will be many times in motherhood where you will rocked to your core and need your strength. Remembering that things are happening, that the path is where you need to be, and that staying present is the key. There is no end result to get to. The place you are in is where you need to be.

So, as this beautiful year rolls to an end, I invite you to think back to your own birth moments. Maybe you started a business or a new creative project. How have you learned about life from your greatest creative moments? Speak your mind below and tell me 3 of your favorite life lessons from birth and how you are going to use them today!


Behind the Curtains: 9 life lessons I’ve learned from birth

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