A new way to connect this holiday season

I’m thankful to be on this earth with those like you, some of you are the closest of close to my heart, some of you I’ve never met. Regardless of how you’ve gotten to the place of reading this, I’m grateful.

I’m also sorry for the ways I’ve mistreated this earth in my time. I do my best but I fear it’s not enough. I’m sorry for the times I’ve not spoken up for or been blinded to how my sisters and brothers were not being cared for or treated well. I strive to live from my heart but I know I’m very pre-occupied.

I’m sorry for my transgressions that I’m uncertain of that may have hurt or not helped others.

Today, I read this intriguing article written by a Jesuit that discussed re-incorporating a pardon for our transgressions into this day of Thanks.

The idea is to steer ourselves away from, well, ourselves. The community aspect of Thanksgiving is not just gathering for food and to talk about what we love about our life, though that’s a beautiful act — one I love and honor dearly.

Thanksgiving is also about showing up for one another by also admitting our faulting to do so.

I thought this was interesting practice to incorporate into this holiday season – one where we can easily get bogged down by feeling alone in more ways than one.

Being honest about our faults and how we want to change them brings us together. This is done in not in a shame-inducing way but in a we-are-all-human way.

Isn’t it refreshing to hear someone say me too when you admit to feeling alone with your suffering about a past act?

Don’t you think it’s time to be real and ask for pardon of our transgressions to ourselves, and our community?

Happy Thanksgiving & last month of Autumn, loves. Let’s do this together.


A new way to connect this holiday season

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