Honor your limits and watch your life soar


As winter approaches, I’ve learned that my needs to go inward include letting the systems I have set up over the past 5 years do their work. Here is a re-visit of a beloved blog about honoring where you are in your life by trusting your limits. I hope you enjoy. Embrace. 

Your whole life is art.

So in looking at your life as art, and the ins and outs of your day as a creative process:

What are you creating in your LIFE?

We all get stuck in cycles that keep us from believing in ourselves, believing in our potential + abilities. One cycle for me that I get looped in my head is the victim mentality or feeling that nothing great happens to me.

One cycle that I see that I often see in my coaching clients is not honoring your limits. What exactly do I mean by that?

I mean that if you can admit when you are done when you feel spent and over it, when you just can’t do any more; then you honor your limits. 

You honor yourself and all that you are. You admit where you are limited (budget, time, resources, ability), and then you can find where you are limitless (soul, dreams, capacity, presence of mind, passion).

In honoring your limitations, you praise where you are limitless. (click to tweet)

In honoring your limits, you admit that you need to take care of yourself before pushing to meet deadlines.

In honoring your limits you save yourself from burning out when life starts to test you.

Taking care of yourself, your steam, your energy, your love of life, you as a creative vessel is the most important element to be creative. 

Creativity is a tool to get to know and trust the limitless in ourselves.

Task for you today:

Honor your limits: stop creating while you are ahead. Don’t wait until you are utterly exhausted to finish whatever you are working on.

Affirmation: I honor and trust the limits that are presented in the process of my life. 

Now you, dear one, how do you see your life soaring as you honor your limits?

Dream it big, dream it now, and create your life as you want to see it unfold.

To your limitless creative potential,

Honor your limits and watch your life soar

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