A Radical Doing

This week I accomplished a goal of mine that has been lingering for years.

You read that right: YEARS.

Ready for it?




I finally put my files into a filling cabinet.


I know this can seem totally mundane and anti-climatic, but it cleared up part of my life that was driving me nuts.

It wasn’t just driving me nuts, it was blocking major aspects of my work life.

Well, it’s all put away and done and I think for the sake of interest, I’ll stop talking about files (for now).

I’d like to talk about radical doing.

See, the radical part of the step that I took comes from it not being extreme. It is radical because it is done.

It’s also radical because this task was weighing me down. For YEARS.

I dug deep into figuring out what needed to happen and just flipping did it.

Here are a few tips to get you going on that to-do thing that has been lingering for years:

Start today. 

There is a lot of past yuck and residue that can keep you from experiencing the present task at hand. Draw or write a plan. Tell a friend.  Do one thing that moves you toward your goal. Don’t get lost in the old stuff, think forward to what you need to improve today. The rest will come into place once you get started.

Hire a Professional.

Life Coach, Personal Assistant, Archivist...whatever you need, a professional can help. Look at it like this: you go a surgeon when you need surgery–you are not trying to do that on your own (hopefully). Maybe it is good to realize that there are other aspects of living a healthy life where you need some extra advisement. Professional help is worth the cost!!!

Consistency, people, consistency.
So all those files are nicely put away. What are you going to do about it? Wait until the files hit the fan in a year? No!!! A good plan always takes self responsibility. Take 30 minutes a week to maintain your task. Put in your calendar and participate in your life change.

Change loves a consistent participant (you!).

Have more questions about how to go forward with your radical doing? Contact me here let’s get talking about what will serve your Creative Spirit.


A Radical Doing

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