Allow One thing Today

There are many ways we can open to the the concept of allowing in our daily life. For instance, I got a compliment recently and had to really, really, really pause and say thank you instead of no, I wasn’t that great. It felt really delightful to allow in that moment. The ultimate delight comes in knowing I am re-patterning the way I allow for little blessings, like a compliment, to form in my life.

On the flip side, I believe worrying is a perversion of allowing. Instead of saying “yes” to something happening before your eyes, you worry about the “no” parts of a distant memory or a distant future idea.  This type of allowing is not really what you want to cultivate as a pattern of thought, right?

Many pregnant women worry with questions like: will my baby be healthy, will my partner support me, will I have my job after my pregnancy? Often, a woman worries in ways she never has before in her life during her pregnancy! I think this is because there is a tendency during life/body transitions for our deepest fears to come up–even one’s we never knew we had!

My best advice in all types of worrying, is to know that you are going to be okay. Say it:

I know I am going to be okay!

Whatever happens will happen, and the worrying is not affecting anything but yanking you straight out of the present moment. Are you concerned/worried/having nightmares? Talk to your midwife, OB/GYN, a friend, your partner, or a trusted Spiritual leader.

All of this help from an outside voice can bring you back into a place of allowing to see what is unfolding before your gorgeous eyes.

Lastly, what are you ALLOWING? Do one thing today that bring you joy. Take a break from the worries(you can squeeze it in, I know you can!). You will start to re-shape your thought patterns during stress and the worries will arise less. And each day try to do 2 things or thoughts that bring you joy, or 3, or 4…you get the picture. Shift your focus from the worries. All is well. You are here, aren’t you?

With allowing love,


(Information about the pregnant woman’s worries in this post are derived from personal conversations and information in the text by Ann Douglas; The Mother of All Pregnancy Books, Wiley, Inc: 2001)

Allow One thing Today

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