How to Change

Let me start with a question:

How have you changed?

WHAT? That is a doozy of a question, right?!

Ok, I won’t throw a huge question like that at you anymore today…maybe.

I have been pondering the idea of change after a recent conversation with my girlfriend. I was telling her a story about my past, and she said to me:

I can’t imagine you like that!

And I said:

Good, because that means I am a testament that people grow and change!


(If you want to know that story, I’ll buy you a cup of coffee and we can talk about it). I love it all because it has brought me to this beautiful place called right now.

And this isn’t a post about my old self vs. current self and that type of not-worth-my-time self judgment.

No, instead, this write-up is in awe inspiring praise of the experience of Change-with a capital C. Because you know what? You will keep changing. You will change, I will change, your family and friends will change.

Yup. Sometimes it will happen when you don’t want it.

Hold up– I feel like I could lose control with this change stuff!!!

Ummm hmmm. It’s so good to pause, and think about how you have grown and changed. LET GO of feeling like through this pause and reflection that you need to pine for your old self or wish that it had happened a different way.

Not so out of control, after all, right?

I believe we are never in control. And that’s just fine, because we get to make healthy, loving choices and that guide the path of life. Each and every moment you can make choices. Change happens in these moments, too!

This topic, of human’s ability to change, has been coming up a lot lately. And I, as a trained (yes TRAINED!!!) doula am in a place where I offer a steady and peaceful reminder to you, my clients, that change is okay, mama.

In pregnancy, Change is happening and it is happening rapidly. This type of never before and unique to this specific baby Change is a natural progression; therefore your body can bring life into this world. And you will change AGAIN after this 40 +/- week period of you life is finished.

You are never stuck in one place of changing–that is the beauty of change!!!

And for all of you that are experiencing change and you are NOT pregnant…let me ask you:

What are you giving birth to from this current change?

Ohhhhh! I asked another doozy question today (couldn’t see that one coming!).

And for your viewing interest, each photo in this post is a version of a self-portrait of mine through a few random years. I have changed a lot. But, then again, I haven’t changed at all.

I am a testament that there is a beautiful cycle that exists in the changing process, and it all brings us back to a home in our selves.

In that, I keep changing, experiencing, loving, and growing.

Each day is new.

Cheers to Change! Let the imaginary reigns go and keep loving yourself through it all!



How to Change

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