Avoiding a big mistake by listening to my body

2019 rolls in, and my whole family has been sick with upper respiratory funk and then a few weeks later, the flu.

For months and months I had planned that 2019 was going to be the year I create an online course with group coaching. My clients want the guidance. I want to create it. It’s time. The profits will help us buy a house. I felt it really deeply last Autumn that it was to happen in 2019.

Then, as the calendar year flipped and I wrote out my goals — my gut told me something was very off.

As my teacher Kate Northrup teaches:

body first, business second.

My body was telling me a big NO as I looked at the details of making a viable online course. Lots of childcare, computer time, list growth, writing, more computer time, a marketing plan, figuring out how to do customer service during nap time.

Not now, every cell of my body told me.

I’m a details girl. For many years, I was paid by other people to connect the dots of their details. It only worked if the details are hosted in a fertile environment. As in – if you can’t create a container for the details to live in – they won’t pan out.

Kate shares this one very simple concept in goal setting (which I’ve learned through Origin) — is it real? Can you see it happening? Or does the thought of envisioning it make you sincerely doubt and clam up?

This is the way to trust your body and it’s cyclical path while living in rhythm to your unique creative beat.

If something doesn’t feel real, it’s not meant for you. Yet.

When was the last time you let your emotions guide your goals, rather than an external expectation?If you want to be supported in making your life authentically yours, I invite you to join Kate Northrup’s Origin Collective today. You’ll have immediate access to the lesson I mentioned above. Plus, here are some bonuses I’m offering if you sign up through this link:

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I support and promote this program because it’s changed the way I manage my time and energy over the past 2 years. I do way less stuff that bogs me down, and I want you to know how possible it is for you, too. 

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Embracing you on your path –

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Avoiding a big mistake by listening to my body

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